Thursday, January 12, 2006

I confess. I'm a World of Warcraft botter.

And no I'm not Chinese. lol I have been asked that question several times. The common notion is that all botters are Chinese pharmers that are only in the game to make a living. Those are certainly the ones that get all of the press. The fact is though that most of the Chinese pharmers are in fact NOT botters. They may use some automation for their daily routine. But for the most part they actually site there and play the game for 12 hours a day making their $2.50 a day wage.

The average botter is someone like me. A pretty average guy who puts down his $25 bucks to buy a program like WoW Glider. This is my blog where I can write about running my WoW bot. The trouble it gets me in. The accounts I get banned. The gold I make and so on. In this blog I'll tell you how you can make 350 gold a day. Hell I'll even show you. I created this blog after running for about a month.

In the first month we had it up and running it did an incredible 350,000 page views. That's pretty successful for the first month. It could have done much better though. You see. I started showing my bot live on the site using a special version of a broadcast tool designed by . The application allows me to show all of you live what my bot is doing. I used the tool to broadcast live to the Kill Shot Bot site.

About 10 days into showing off the bot my account was suspended by Blizzard. Them after a 3 day review they banned the account. Want to see the email? Sure you do.

From: <
To: Mr. Bot
Subject: World of Warcraft - Account Closure
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 22:49:07 -0800

***Notice of Account Closure***


Access to the World of Warcraft account MTK56, and any World of
Warcraft account associated with the payment information you have
provided, has been permanently disabled. The account has been
identified as having used unauthorized game modifications and thus is
in violation of the World of Warcraft Terms of Use.

Please review the World of Warcraft Terms of Use at
<, which you
accepted when you installed World of Warcraft and established the account(s).
Section 2, Paragraph C details the limitations of game play
modifications and use of any third-party or "packet sniffing" software.
In addition, Section 3, Paragraph C, parts iii and iv restrict the use
of any hack, scripting or macroing software which obtains information
from World of Warcraft to gain a competitive advantage over other players.

Furthermore, any activities not intended by game design which affect
the economy, the client, player characters or the world itself have a
tremendous negative impact on the potential enjoyment for all players.
The effects of these activities take many forms including a bloated
game economy, server instability, and allowing unauthorized access to
accounts, computers, and player data.

As a result, the account(s) will no longer be accessible and will
unfortunately not be reopened under any circumstances.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter and respecting our
position and all statutes within the World of Warcraft Terms of Use.


Account Administration
Blizzard Entertainment

They had been watching the site as well following my progress. They used the information on the screen such as guild names and near by character names to figure out the server I was on and to catch me. They only banned the one account. They didn't touch my other accounts though. I find that to be interesting that Blizzards policy is to ban the account that has the infraction and not any others you may own as long as the payment details are different.

So that 10 day ride was fun. I decided to make some changes and do it again. The new broadcast will start within the first few days of February. With changes we have made my goal is to make it to level 60 while broadcasting the entire thing live. :) We'll see if I can pull it off.

So check back then. I'll be not only broadcasting but I'll post a daily log here telling you about my progress. The places I was gliding and some tips you can use if you are botting also. If I can make it all the way to 60 I'll then spend a week or so running at level 60 showing some of the awesome botting locations I know of that can earn between 200 and 350 gold per day. I'll also try some new locations and we will see how they measure up. Then I'll create a new character and see how we can more efficiently get him to 60.

Till my next entry. Safe botting to you. :)


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